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The Transition model is a compilation of tools and strategies for enabling communities to localize resources and increase resilience, starting from the ground up. It asks how communities might respond to the new resource, climate, and economic “normals” of our time and envision a healthy alternative today and tomorrow.  Transition Goshen is a space within which individuals and groups can converge to utilize this model and collaborate towards common goals.

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Featured News

  • Transition Awakening? - Transition Goshen has been dormant for the past year or so. As two of the people that started it, we wonder if it’s time to wake it up.
  • Transition Goshen Cafe - We’re starting a new facebook group to complement the main page… join Transition Goshen Cafe at www.facebook.com/groups/TransitionGoshenCafe/. The group is a space for you to connect with others around ideas related to Transition, permaculture, and community resilience.  If you have ideas about how re-localizing (economy, food systems, energy sources) our community, this could be a space to […]
  • Mapping the Sharing Economy in Goshen - Putting grassroots sharing projects, cooperatives, community resources, and the commons all on one map
  • Goshen’s Climate March - Lately many residents in Goshen have been starting conversations about climate change.  The topic, as grand as it is, tends to be one that we don’t enjoy thinking about or talking about for a variety of reasons.  For some, the issue though has become alarming enough that they are willing to overlook the social taboos […]
  • Community crowdfunding? - Last fall we tried to help promote the potential of crowdfunding as a tool for bringing inspired ideas to life.  The Low Hanging Fruit Press project brought a cider press to Goshen to help us deal with an abundance of apples, with the support of many individuals and even a few businesses. We sorta fell […]