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The Transition model is a compilation of tools and strategies for enabling communities to localize resources and increase resilience, starting from the ground up. It asks how communities might respond to the new resource, climate, and economic “normals” of our time and envision a healthy alternative today and tomorrow.  Transition Goshen is a space within which individuals and groups can converge to utilize this model and collaborate towards common goals.

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Featured News

  • Goshen_march_need_everyone-FB2 Goshen’s Climate March - Some residents of Goshen are wanting to share a new story, a story that is different than business as usual. [View the story "Goshen's Climate March" on Storify]
  • small_business Community crowdfunding? - Last fall we tried to help promote the potential of crowdfunding as a tool for bringing inspired ideas to life.  The Low Hanging Fruit Press project brought a cider press to Goshen to help us deal with an abundance of … Continue reading
  • GARDENING-banner Community Garden Network - In March, a group of local advocates organized a Gardening Open Space to explore opportunities to “network and collaborate among Goshen’s individual and community gardens through common resources and support”. Ideas ranged from “work for food” opportunities and gleaning programs, … Continue reading
  • rebuilding-crop Rebuilding Your Local Food System - To roll out the new “Rebuilding your Local Food System” program Purdue Extension has selected Elkhart County to be one of two pilot communities in Indiana. Phil Metzler of Transition Goshen helped facilitate the application process (click here to view the application).  Transition … Continue reading
  • no oil in the lamp cover Book discussion and theological lounging - A book discussion group is forming around a book about energy and faith called No Oil in the Lamp. The idea is simply to get some people together to learn about and discuss some of the issues mentioned in the book. It will likely be … Continue reading