Exploring Our Local Foodshed (recap)

{click here to listen to recordings from this event – thanks to Krista and IUSB Center for a Sustainable Future!}

Thanks to everyone who helped turn this event into a rich and stimulating discussion of the challenges and necessity of localizing our food systems. We opened with an introduction of the Transition Towns movement and how food can be a galvanizing challenge to focus our collective energy on as we strive to build resilience amid converging crises. Looking at our food systems as “foodsheds” challenge us to see the whole equation, from soil to infrastructure to diet and health. We then turned it over to special panel of local food advocates:


More than 30 people turned out to hear what the panel had to say and to offer their own perspectives. We looked at current challenges such as unstable weather, subsidies and regulations that favor the large over the small, and an overall model in which 90 percent of the food we consume is imported. How can we find new opportunities to grow new farmers, develop niche crops, create new markets, and turn food deserts into urban gardens? Where do we need to push with our votes and pull with our wallets? While most questions were left unanswered, we also left plenty of food for thought on the table to continue the conversation and steer our Transition initiative in a positive direction.

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