Food Security Field Trips

Food security means access by all people at all times to enough food for an active, healthy life.” Not just a concept, “food security” is an ever-present fine line for many communities, where cost, accessibility, and quality of food can be matters of infrastructure rather than matters of choice, representing the difference between a healthy diet and obesity and diabetes. “Food deserts” have emerged where the absence of supermarkets, let alone farmer’s markets, has left entire communities without access to fresh, healthy food.

Unity Gardens

Transition Goshen recognizes food security as an essential component of building community resilience. Food is often used as a practical platform for getting things moving; check out this site for an overview of Transition food initiatives. We’re fortunate to have several models to emulate who are already working hard to address food security in the Michiana region, including South Bend’s Food Security Coalition and the Elkhart Local Food Alliance.

Rise Up Farms

Photo: Suzannah Hoover

One primary strategy for engaging and empowering people is urban community gardening. We’re particularly inspired by the work being done at the Unity Gardens and the Purple Porch Co-op in South Bend (where about 50 community gardens provide food, skills, and relationships to local neighborhoods), and Rise Up Farms and Church Community Servicesin Elkhart.

We’re just getting started connecting and building relationships with these and other local groups and gardens and are happy to hear about new (to us, at least) efforts we can learn from and support. We are currently organizing several “field trips” to connect with local groups. If you would like to participate or be involved in any way, let us know! You can also stay tuned to this site for dates and details.

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