A conversation exploring Goshen Commons

Duane Stoltzfus, director of the new online publication, Goshen Commons shared the ideas behind the publication and the future vision. He welcomed input from the audience, and there was a good dialog throughout the evening.

Duane acknowledged that Goshen is lucky to have two newspapers that cover the daily news in Goshen, the Elkhart Truth and the Goshen News. The Goshen Commons hopes to fill in the gaps of the missing stories. The focus will be just on the city of Goshen, and will attempt to find ways to connect people through feature stories, profiles, and regular bloggers.

The Goshen commons seeks a Goshen-centric dialog in a variety of areas including: design, art, homesteading, bicycling, music, primarily through local bloggers. Goshen College students will contribute feature articles.

It is the intent of Goshen Commons to build social capital for our community, and to capture stories so neighbors can get to know one another better. The vision is that it will be a powerful gathering place to build up the city, and to build up each other.

Goshen Commons will be using student interns to explore video story-telling this summer. Another idea in the works are workshops to help citizens learn journalism and blogging skills so the circle of contributors to the site can grow.

An excerpt of the conversation with Duane is below.

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