Notes from TG Open Meeting 1/30/2013

The Transition Goshen initiating group has finally gotten itself to a place where it is able to invite interested folks to participate. Transition Goshen has been hosting some minor events like conversations at the library and hosted documentaries. But, there are plenty of bigger projects on the horizon–many initiated by members of the community. Transition has offered to lend some support to these projects and events. Last week, TG had it’s first open planning meeting.

Five folks met to discuss how to best communicate at different levels. TG needs to communicate to several audiences: the general public, interested and wanting to know more, those involved with the inner workings of Transition, and others working only on one particular project. We decided that for now we will use the blog to communicate to the general public and those wanting to see a sampling of what TG is about. For those that want more in depth knowledge of the inner workings or project details, we will use the TG forums. Anyone is welcome to join the forum, but setting up an account is required.

TG is providing some support for a couple of projects. One is a Local Food Event to be held the first weekend in June. This is in cooperation with Rachel Shenk from Rachel’s Bread (she had the initial vision), Downtown Goshen Inc., and the Farmer’s Market. Transition is working with all of the groups to help pull the event together.

Another project on the horizon is Hens for Goshen. This group has been around for a while. With South Bend recently gaining approval for hens, there is new momentum. TG is providing some promotional support for this group.

We’ve also been talking about hosting an open space event, “Beyond Gardening”. This event would be a place for people to gather to discuss activities like: beekeeping, canning, perennial crops, permaculture, fruit trees, composting, and other topics related to gardening, but not limited to veggies. We are looking at the weekend of March 16 for this event.

For more detailed information, feel free to join the forum. Also, we are always just a phone call or email away if you would like to speak to a real-life human being.


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