The Lexicon of Sustainability – coming soon!

The Lexicon of Sustainability is based on a simple principle: people can’t be expected to live more sustainable lives if they don’t know the most basic terms and principles that define sustainability.

In collaboration with the Unity Gardens and the IUSB Center for a Sustainable Future, Transition Goshen will be launching a series of pop-up shows throughout the Michiana region this summer and fall.  Each show will consist of 2 dozen large images that each tell a different story of challenges and opportunities in our food and farming systems.  Please contact us if you’d like to contribute to making these shows a success.


By illuminating the vocabulary of sustainable agriculture, and with it, the conversation about America’s rapidly evolving food culture, the Lexicon of Sustainability educates, engages and activates people to pay closer attention to how they eat, what they buy, and where their responsibility begins for creating a healthier, safer food system in America.

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