A conversation with PolyKarmic recycling

On August 6, 2013, Transition Goshen hosted a conversation with Tim Huser of PolyKarmic Recycling 2.0 at the Goshen Public Library.  The following sound bites offer some of the conversation highlights:

Tim offers a brief history of Maple Leaf Ventures, becoming the owner of the County Seat cafe, and setting up an umbrella entity to manage multiple enterprises:


Tim discusses early recycling efforts in Goshen, the launch of PolyKarmic, shutting it down, the current enterprise and full-circle vision:


In response to a question of how PolyKarmic’s services benefit the community beyond waste reduction, Tim discusses his efforts to employ Goshen’s underemployed:


PolyKarmic Recycling 2.0 primarily serves commercial clients.  This clip describes how residents can drop off materials and the virtues of recycling different materials… a great “Recycling 101”:


Tim offers further insight into educating the community about options for recycling different materials, and points to “reuse” as an alternative goal, with practical examples:

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