Exploring Gardening in our Neighborhood

A garden gathering in Goshen’s Historic Southside neighborhood

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If you’re interested in exploring other local garden initiatives, check out the following links:

The Unity Gardens
Unity youtube Screenshot from 2014-02-03 10:43:14The Unity Gardens is an organization initiated in the South Bend area with a goal of community building through a framework of Gardens. The gardens not only provide healthy food for anyone, but also educate the community on how to grow, and eat healthy food.

Goshen Community Gardens

Goshen community gardens Screenshot from 2014-02-03 10:33:49Goshen has at least a dozen community gardens of various sorts and sizes. Many are run by churches, others by neighborhoods, a health clinic, a food bank or schools. Food spans many interest areas.



Click on the following links if you’d like to learn more or discover other local initiatives for inspiration:


If you’d like to read about schoolyard gardening, here are a few examples:

Benefits of greenspaces and outdoors:

  • How to Make Cities Happier Places –  a new study shows that moving from a less-green urban environment to a more-green one can lead to lasting positive changes in mental well-being.
  • The Benefits of Digging in the Dirt – Nature schools are helping make outdoor play a priority for a generation of kids suffering from nature-deficit disorder.


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