Book discussion and theological lounging

no oil in the lamp cover

A book discussion group is forming around a book about energy and faith called No Oil in the Lamp. The idea is simply to get some people together to learn about and discuss some of the issues mentioned in the book.

It will likely be an informal group (6-7 folks) who will show up when they can whether they’ve skimmed, skipped or thoroughly read the sections. Hopefully it will be a chance to meet some new faces and discuss responses.

Here’s are some snippets of a review:

“Is our planet about to run out of gas, oil, and coal? Can we continue using them as power sources at the same rate we have been? If not, when will we run out? What will happen to the way of life we’re all used to? And finally, should Christians care?”

“This is not a doomsday book. It’s a systematic evaluation of a worldwide, serious problem and the possible solutions to it. It challenges Christians and their churches to lead the way in their communities in seeking local solutions such as the ones outlined in the closing chapters.”

If you have interest, let email hidden; JavaScript is required know, and we’ll find a time where we can all meet initially to gauge interest and availability.

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