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GARDENINGIn March, a group of local advocates organized a Gardening Open Space to explore opportunities to “network and collaborate among Goshen’s individual and community gardens through common resources and support”.

Ideas ranged from “work for food” opportunities and gleaning programs, to food forests and greenhouses.  But the two ideas most widely supported were a tour of community gardens to network and promote what’s already happening and a resource guide to help connect local garden resources, knowledge, and volunteers.

Before moving forward, our hope is to meet individually with garden leaders to confirm the amount of broader support and need for a tour or resource guide.

  • Are garden leaders really interested in connecting with each other?
  • Are there clear needs for which they would welcome community support?
  • Are there resources, expertise, or stories that they would like to offer the community?

The open space event provided an opportunity to gauge the types of resources and needs that garden leaders and community members might appreciate connecting with:

  Tools, materials, and services People and expertise
Resources Specific tools and equipment participants offered to share:

  • Truck
  • Cider press
  • Grain grinder
  • Garden cart
  • Single-axle utility trailer
Connections to volunteer groups often interested in community projects:

  • GHS JAG program
  • CCJ and Elkhart Community Service
  • GHS Keystone Club
  • Master Gardeners
  • Master Naturalists
  • Scouts
  • Maple City Market
  • Greencroft residents
  • Church youth groups (several)
  • EcoPAX
Needs Known current and ongoing needs:

  • Seeds and starts
  • Mulch and manure
  • Vehicles for hauling
  • Cultivation tools
  • Rock dust
  • Soil testing
  • General consulting
Garden projects already in need of or anticipating a need for volunteers:

  • Seed to Feed
  • Boys and Girls Club of Goshen
  • Maple City Health Care Center
  • Greencroft resident garden
  • Community gardens (multiple)
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