Transition Awakening?

Dear friends,

Transition Goshen has been dormant for the past year or so.  As two of the people that started it, Ben Beyeler and I wonder if it’s time to wake it up.  

Transition Goshen has a network of supporters, web presence, office space, and a history of activity. Its a platform to empower other folks to act in the spirit of “Transition”. With the need more critical than ever to organize and build more resilient communities, we’d like to invite folks to use the model as a tool for convening friends and affecting positive change. (a dozen years ago folks in England created a Transition model/guide for communities)

We’ll give an “Intro to Transition” presentation on Tuesday the 24th at 7pm, re-capping the history of Transition Goshen and some of the cool initiatives that have emerged from it. Later that week, we’ll have two more times for folks to connect with interest, ideas, or questions.  (calendar)

On Tuesday we’ll reconvene in the pop-up Civic Salon, which is serving as an “open space” for community initiatives to emerge.  Check out or follow it on Facebook to see what’s happening!

hoping to see you again,

Phil Metzler – email hidden; JavaScript is required – 574 349 7336

Ben Beyeler – email hidden; JavaScript is required – 574-535-9199



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