A Community Funded cider press


The Low-Hanging Fruit Press crowdfunding campaign to purchase a community cider press  was a success.  28 people pooled their money together in 5 days to fund a cider press.  The press will not be owned by 28 people, or even one person.  The idea is that it is for the whole community to share.  If it appears that there is too much demand for it, it likely means that more cider presses are needed.

The Community Funded crowdfunding platform
In addition to the ability of a crowdfunding campaign creator offering rewards for donations, CommunityFunded.com allows organizations and individuals to offer rewards for donations as well. They call this Mega Community Collaboration (MC²).

In-kind rewards description - Community funded

There were three In-Kind rewards offered to the Low-Hanging Fruit Press campaign in addition to the three offered by Transition Goshen:

Community Funded - project rewards

The campaign went quickly enough that there wasn’t enough time to fix a glitch system that caused the In-Kind rewards to not appear in the campaign until just before the campaign reached its goal.