book drive

cgTransition Goshen is in the process of launching a book purchasing campaign with the Goshen Farmers Market.  We’ve set up an account with Chelsea Green to get great deals on their titles, with the goals of getting valuable info out into the community and raising a bit of money for the Market in the process.

Since increasing our collective knowledge of fruit is a priority in the Low-Hanging Fruit Press campaign, we’re inviting you to take advantage of the opportunity to purchase fruit-related books at great prices while benefiting the market (through sales and proceeds).

Simply purchase a book at the front desk of the Market at full price, and in return you’ll get a gift certificate (rebate) to spend at the Market and we’ll go ahead and order the book for you.  There’s a bit of fine print below, but not too much.

Book Cost  and  Market “Rebate”

> $14 = $5 rebate               > $24 = $10 rebate

> $34 = $15 rebate            > $44 = $20 rebate

Here are some great titles to consider:

The New Cider Maker’s Handbook

The Holistic Orchard

Holistic Orcharding with Michael Phillips DVD

The Grafter’s Handbook

The Apple Grower

The Backyard Orchardist


the fine print:

We’ll ask for a bit of patience as we work out the timeliness of the process… we may need to wait a week or so to have an order of several books, then wait on shipping, then deliver them to the market for pickup.  We appreciate your understanding!

Any proceeds beyond the cost of the book and shipping will go to the Goshen Farmers Market.

Please pay Lisa at the front desk of the Farmers Market and fill out the order form.

If you have questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to ask us!