Crowd funding meeting for a community cider press

ciderWhen we started kicking around ideas for the Low-Hanging Fruit Press project, obtaining a community cider press was one of the most intriguing ideas. We had a few ideas of how to raise money to cover costs (roughly $900 for the press in the photo… which we’re becoming quite fond of).

We weren’t too excited about trying to recover costs by charging for use. Crowd funding seemed to offer a better approach. We’re new to the process though, so we’ll have to figure it out from scratch. Based on the feedback we’ve gotten so far, it seems like a cider press offers a pretty good chance of success.

We’d still value a few extra heads to help us work out the details. We’re leaning towards using as a platform based on their process and philosophy. They leave plenty of room to be creative and use the campaign to build relationships… what we’re all about anyways.

If you’re interested and able, please join us at the Electric Brew this Monday (Sept. 9) at 12pm. There’s a pretty straightforward path to navigate laid out here. So even if you can’t join us, check it out and let us know how you might like to help.