Open Space Event – “Expanding the Garden”

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Date - 03/16/2013
1:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Newcomer Center



How can we grow more food in our own backyards and gardens?

What techniques, ideas, and local resources should our community be aware of?  

Why might we look beyond growing annual hybrid vegetables to cultivating perennial produce, heirloom varieties, fruit trees, and bees?  What else might we produce?

These are the types of questions we’ll explore in our first community Open Space event. We’re hoping for an abundance of answers!  With Open Space, you get to identify the ideas you’d like to explore and set your own agenda for the afternoon.

As a way to help capture what happens at this event, we’ll be experimenting with some social technology tools.  Stay tuned to this page for updates.

Join the Facebook event and spread the word.

Download the shareable/printable PDF event flier.

This self-organizing approach to community brainstorming can help us collectively envision proactive possibilities.  It’s free and open to the public, so please join us and bring your friends!

For more information on Open Space as a social technology, check out this video or click here.


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